Monday, April 7, 2008

Per Inquiry Radio Advertising Information and News

Direct response radio commercials drive traffic to your website or business and are tracked by unique affiliate codes. A great way to reduce advertising and marketing risks is to air on a per inquiry basis.

This sample below of a Per Inquiry radio Advertisement for LowerMyTaxDebt was produced by Last Second Media. It's a decent example of marketing IRS Tax Relief using direct response radio and specifically per inquiry advertising. This commercial airs on hundreds of radio stations and the client will only pay for each phone call generated. To learn more about getting your own direct response radio commercial campaign visit the experts in direct response advertising at or call 1-800-334-4500.

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Last Second Media Inc. said...

Per Inquiry Radio can be purchased through networks. Some have 700+ relationships, dMarc around 70 active for a PI deal, and National radio Network with 2350 stations. Each station pulls down and runs the offer based on relationships or payout amount. The key thing is to go for the broadest market possible and provide the highest CPA/Yeild possible.