Friday, April 10, 2009

Last Second Media Inks Deal with LawyerProfit for Per Inquiry Radio

Last Second Media to Grow Business Base for Law Firms

Dallas (February 21, 2011) — LawyerProfit, a leading per-inquiry (PI) advertising agency for law firms and their direct response ad agencies, has engaged Last Second Media Inc. to handle its client development and media buys

“LSM is going to become the sales force for LawyerProfit, uncovering and developing new clients for our various direct-response and per-inquiry media platforms,” says Frank Pournelle, president and chief executive officer. “That is their real forte. Bringing them on board gives us dedicated staff to handle the inflow of new customers, as well as a focused ability to pursue new and strategic client relationships.”

Pournelle says the move will enable him to dedicate more time to bigger-picture company initiatives, but he promises that LSM will continue to provide the same high-quality advertising results and customer service that its clients have come to expect.

“We’re not changing our colors,” he says. “The vast majority of what we do is per inquiry.”

PI advertising also is known as pay-per-lead (PPL) or direct-response (DR) advertising. LSM has relationships with media outlets across the country – radio, television, print and mobile media – and access to their unsold inventories of ad space or time. A PI campaign puts ads in those spots at no charge to the client; instead, the client pays for responses to the advertising. The client’s ad runs until the agreed upon number of responses is reached, allowing him or her to establish a stable, predictable cost per lead (CPL) without the burdensome and unpredictable expense usually associated with ad buying.

What qualifies as a response is negotiated between each client. Packages can be structured for a variety of results: per inquiry (any response), per call or Web inquiry, per lead (name and contact information) – even per closed case.

“Right now is a big opportunity for mass tort law firms with DR radio advertising. We're seeing enormous growth and prosperity,” says Frank Pournelle. “With LSM’s power-packed suite of performance radio media options, we can save a client thousands in media and earn them millions more. By marrying old and new media with an accountable methodology, we can rapidly position a sales organization for success while others are failing.”

With more than 25 years of direct marketing experience, Pournelle is a nationally recognized figure in DR radio, DRTV and Web video. He is known for his ability to use DR media to deliver unprecedented return on investment (ROI) for clients. He also is the architect of LeadGenius®, a patent-pending process for verifying, scoring and promoting sales using artificial intelligence on Internet-generated marketing programs. In addition, he runs several other businesses, including WebVideoLaunch, LifeGuardian, Direct Response Radio and RoyaltyPoint.

To learn more about how a relationship with Last Second Media and Lawyer Profit could jump-start your lead generation and sales efforts through DR and PI advertising, please visit or

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